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By looking at this, i think i still a fan and maybe will be forever fan.
Nothing much change from the post i did before.
Lets see if it will increase or decrease.
This is my collection from the start i decided to buy things.*im poor,still...*
Some or most of them is something i got from good heart person.

Among all, i like t-shirt the mostCollapse )
14 October 2020 @ 12:56 am
i depend so much on the community and now they stopped posting.

Are you happy album,
the truth, i feeling something and i dont think its really yes as an answer.

Don't You Get It pv,
the truth i aslo dont get  and i feel sad about the pv

playing too much with arashi stuff  but zero result for years.
Thats why i need to stop.
At least to make myself move on.
Can i achieve that?
What action im going to take?
01 December 2017 @ 12:20 am
Done it. Yay~ ==!
what idiot thing ive been doing since forever.
well i cant help to feel extremely guilty when i need to bugging people with my problem.
and i just cant shut my mouth and at the end, I choose to stop everything.
This step taken when i feel i burden my family. When i ask my sister for every help.
When i make my mom worried. When she disagree i really cant do it. It feel ill be in bad state even
if i did it i can manage what i want. It sad when i feel she doesnt know what i like and really want. She been tooo worried about me. At this age i still depend on what my mom said because i always believe there good in mom word. Not that i say no to some of what she said. Just, if i really go without my mom permission if anything happen, thing will be differ. It usually the thing im really want to do and she kill it by disagree. Im the person who easily to broke down when the person usually help me the most say no or excuses. It really make me wanna stop and shut my life out. Just later i will try to act nothing happen and always like that. Who to blame the most is me who cant even take care of myself. But Allah is always there. I believe in him. There always good things will happen at the end if i obeying my mom , reward from Allah.

For main, i feel i give false hope to friend. She been nice to me.
I cant said, my mom disagree i go, also its about money.
No good if i dont have much money and working without feeling happy is no-no.
It not my friend fault if we didnt be friend again.
Not blaming if she dont want be with a bad friend like me.
But she very nice. Nicer than i imagine. I wont ask much more friend than i have now.
2017 always in my dream. Suddenly remember i make promise for 2017.
So, ill start now.
Insya Allah, I have money like rich men.
Insya Allah, I can fulfill what i am saying what my dream.
Insya Allah, I can do what i always want to do with my mom permission and her doa for me.

Semoga Allah perkenankan segala doa ku. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.
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14 February 2017 @ 08:31 pm

Radwimps / Sparkle - Your Name - Music Video edition Raw


Duration: 00:06:50
Video Codec:H264
Audio Codec:AAC

Size:151 MB

Size:247 MB
Here : 1,2,3

Password:Director name small letter, no space. (13)

*Not Mine.
*Sharing - it hard to find one-and me hard to get. Hope can help people with it.
*Im not an expert with video coding. But i hope its right way.
*Someone, please translate or give me the full song lyrics. T_T

14 February 2017 @ 11:25 am
Got a comment I don't know it good or not or just to make fun of me. But it scared me when I read it. I prefer if the person not an anonymous. So I delete it. But then I wonder what is it again?

Is it about time I should change my settings?
09 February 2017 @ 09:45 pm
How do fans update? Why news come late for me?
How to know if its true?

I saw people around twitter said about Aiba New detective drama. Is it official? Which seem so.
Im very looking forward to that. Please the heroine being the one i like ><

This also means, single-with pv or making? cant wait for cdjapan email now. 
Not definitely buy..just being supportive as ever..hahaha.

one of my wish come true.fast -though people know that yesterday and my wish today XD
The drama will be in april. So the single probably be on may?
How about tour dvd? :b
Well i hope more update.. arashi being tooo quiet .. it scared me..T___T
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Urgh. My body hurt after some cleaning. I dont think i can finish all my -to do list -  today.
But most important, my room at least look good enough.Maybe 1-2 years later  after been hit by earthquake. I can see the floor. XD
Still need to arrange my goods which i stack along with other goods and make a card and Photoshop a picture ( really wanna do that).
But i dont know when. I may end up in bed for the rest of day. Hurt...

About the day.

Thank You. Love You.Collapse )

Love you Arashi For Dream!

Love You Nino- Im glad The Uchiwa i found at cheap shop is you. I have doubt if you are my ichiban anymore. But then fate, i meet you.
Our bond is strong. Even im not follow anything , whatever you do ill pray good things for you.
Im happy to have you as my price in my heart. Wuhu~~jiwang XD


Thanks! But i want you to give that to OHNO SATOSHI XD

My WishCollapse )

Ps: I think 07-02-17 is a good date. Really wish something good happen on that day. Haaa..
But i just wait for a good date later. 17.06.17. Cause it look better than mine. Hahaha.


or not

Mukai Osamu and Gosin! Happy Belated 35th Birthday.
If im not wrong. Hahaha.
This year it come late. XD

Ok. Jyaaa~~~~
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02 February 2017 @ 09:16 pm
Old post. wuhehehe.
SA overflowing. *delusional*.
Not talking about that.
But this.

Weibo again, but i dont remember who.. Sorry T____T

As i look at this picture,  i wonder, do shop in japan look like this?
They sell that only?
With the decoration inside with cake? almost half is decoration....
and banana and stuff above the freezer...
In summary, it weird to be a shop but my mind did think a shop . hahaha.

Staff is sooo sweet! They did a good job.
and thanks aiba and fan who share this... :)

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02 February 2017 @ 09:03 pm
This not mine. Clearly right?
A good information to keep.
Like previous post. I wont be able find it if i didnt save it.

Ok. Google translate! So dont expect anything. XD

会場限定グッズカラー予想  // Kaijō gentei guzzukarā yosō // Venue limited goods color expectation

札幌 sapporo //東京 tokyou //名古屋Nagoya //大坂Osaka//福岡 Fukuoka

pin badge --------- hairband ----------- earphone jack ---------- ribbon bracelet --------- medal brooch ------------ masking tape -------- badge set

so next time, can guess easily for limited venue goods~ or at least can know. Fan rich enough  to buy all them all  ^-^
(but, ok not me T__T)

next tour let see if this can be use or not. ;)

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02 February 2017 @ 09:01 pm
I take this from weibo. If the owner know. Ill be slash alive.
But i didnt cut the credit..><
This. i may found and even i reblogged i wont meet it again i belive.
That is why share here..for own sake....

Thank you @ninomiya..... for share!

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