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25 April 2021 @ 11:43 pm
Hello~ nadz desu~
As crazy as i always be~~

In April,2018
I want to be normal Arashi-Ex-an.
Which is I am not a fan.
I don't want to be hurt.
Because of different point of views.
By this i wont hurt as i declaring myself am a fan right?

It doesnt sound right, but i still want to enjoy what i love without being hurt.
This is new strategy. Experimental stage.

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30 July 2018 @ 09:28 pm
Since i made my choice, Just post it here. It hard and what come to my mind and i think its good i put it up.
I may needed 1 year to sort what i really want. Hahaha. Although some of the song did give mark in my life ^^

Find The Answer
New song nice to hear

Doors Yuuki no Kiseki
New song nice to hear

Around this time i got a job and am stuck with the song and always listen to it to push my self up because the job is
not to my liking.

I love the music

Wild at Heart
Nice song

First song i discover in youtube after one love but not a pv which i think its a pv.
Owh i am sooo newbie xD

1st official pv song i stuck and love

Nino nose - i tell my friend and she agreed xD
Early days, the pv and song is nice

Pikanchi Double
Suddenly i love this song soo much. Has a nice meaning. Can give me strength. The best ringtones/alarm clock ever!

One Love
Without this i wont be here. Jun voice is something. Overall song is lovely ^^

Eyes with delight
My sakuraiba baby born here

15th moon
Keep on listen to this when i am learning and taking my motor license xD
So cool!


sad song. it just too sad. though i dont know what it all about xD

im stuck. like the song tempo

Mukaeni iku yo
Last days of my diploma study. i am soooo dont know what i want to be. What can i do. Even i lost now, i am feel better, because of the past. This song telling me, whatever i choose its me and dont lose to it . Simple way, i just cant give up. That my interpretation.

Have been kick from prev list XD

Miles away
Hope in darkness

There lots of song i cant remember. But for sure. Lots of arashi song involved in my life.
Because i dont have any other one T___T. For me it just 1x8. Hahahaha.
*ps - this is the title of the concert? it confusing xD
*ps - thanks to someone, now i know it not like arafes, it more to arashi fan meeting with arashi..huhu

24 July 2018 @ 10:18 pm
Arashi donates 50 million yen to Hiroshima. Jun personally delivered part of this year’s WWG profits. - cr amnosxmatsujuntwitter
Relief funds to Hiroshima, Ehime, and Okayama: 50 mil yen each, for a total of 150 mil yen. - cr amnosxmatsujuntwitter
Nino visited Okayama prefecture and Mabi town that is a worst hit area. - cr Annie

Honestly i got the feeling they will be donate to the victim before they announce anything . And i am proud of them. When jun went first. I feel happy. The aura, yappari big for jun. But he seem nice and not scary at all. ^^ I dont want nino to go, but then next , nino went. Haha. And i cried. XD. The crowd is bigger than jun. Both of them seem normal. :b They can take selfie right? that's new. But i personally think they should make system for it. so everyone can take picture. I didn't dig much but that i saw.  It not an easy circumstances for the victims but they able to make them smile. That what a good achievement.

Thank you arashi and Johnny's .

My heart melt a little from their kindness. I will be pull back in the hold. but i am old enough to think.
just keep on blaming my childish side. #dang

well, that all to said, 1 more to go. haha. maybe i post it tomorrow.



At last something about 20th anniversary is out!

Only if I am in Fan Club – but I am not.

According to my understanding.

Only people in FC is able to participate.

Right? Lucky FC fans.

How I wish they can make everyone vote like Arafes.

But this special to FANS right? So, it for fans in FC only.

I don’t know if I am still Fans? 

In this condition I still want to vote and so sad because I cannot vote.

There must be arashian who feel like me.

And they not in FC and they love arashi so so much.

OOOOO. Matsumoto Jun & Johnny’s and Associate.

Please hear our voice of desperation.

At least do something special for us who not belong to FC because of our Money which just enough for our food and expenses in the country we live in.

And me, because of humiliation I feel before, I don’t ever think I will be in FC because now I think it is true.

But I did want to enjoy
to the fullest.

Anyway, for those who able to vote all the best! ^^

- The End -

#20th Anniversary

#why I am calling matsumoto Jun?

#oh, hoping him to see this...xD

#even it impossible, i take 0.1% chance xD

#over the edge - half-half- still crying 


09 July 2018 @ 09:33 pm
I manage to dl 20G Untitled. What a experience. Pegi kedai mamak semata-mata. Wifi Uni, Wifi pustakaan shah alam,Data sendiri lagi. Tak ade apa yang berubah nampaknya. At the end of the months. Exhaust data sendiri la nampaknya. Huhu. Sebab tak mengikuti perkembangan. Rupanya multi angle tu time Pair je. Huhuhu. Diorang pun bagi je la konsert yang lain harinya. Ataupun keluarkan je la angle tu je. ataupun tu yang RE? ade pulak encore? hahaha.... ketinggalan walaupun sentiasa ade :b

Anyway, tengok yang 10G tu power giler sound dengan gamba. So sangat puas hati. Tapi still concert ni tak boleh jadi yang terbaik. Semua ade citarasa masing2. Ewah.

Tengok arashi kai, teringin nak kumpul dengan arashi-an. Tapi siapalah saya kan. Takpe la. malam  ni tgok konsert cut lagi. Stuck at Bazuri night. Approved la performance dengan lagu dia. Aiba way always amaze me. Mula2 tak suka, pastu mesti suka. Unique cara dia. Antara bertiga suka kat sho sebab macam enjoy je bila dah tuka baju tu. xD

My goal to dl 10G file... Kirei da ne.... i am jealous. here!

Surprisingly, i keep remembering this date since yesterday. And its hurt. haha.
This is the saddest year ever. It should be the dead end since 2015 but im still here.
though i did take steps i am still here. i pray, but i am still here. being here also something.
if it does not have any meaning, it will be long forgotten?

I watched untitled~ yay~ i have so much things to complain xD
I am changed. But enjoying it. This time most of the song is not in my liking.
I also not listen to the album much.
For me its more like kpop song? the beat and lyrics maybe? i dont know or it just me...
But it hit me about the pairing. I love the idea about the solo more.
But I probably wont watch nino solo performance alone. (will watch later but maybe took long time)
He with aiba and other pair, somehow save me.

Through the concert video whenever i remember, i feel sad and wanna cry.
Weird to feel like that cause i know and my tears wont fall either but the feeling torture me.
Song for me part and so on, i feel asleep. True or not i remember that part about that corrupted women. Haha.
so im not watching the full show. Need to continue later.
I didnt forget this part when i saw the smile and the teasing (ohhh..my ohmiya heart).
Bring me back of my past memory (not that long though)

Because of the concert, i got a dream about the tsunami but everything is the snow?
Scary..whenever i got the tsunami dream its always scary and everything will involve me and my family ><
but i always survive. somehow...

Back to the concert...
I hope i can download the big files one. >///<
And i hope i can enjoy it more. Soon or later. Like the other concert.
cause i know its still there.

Happy Birthday   Ninomiya Kazunari.
I tried but....Rumors or not. It seem true.
I truly hate her with all my heart and pray bad for her.
Her act hurt some people and well she old enough to act like a girl.
Fans? They can go to whenever they want. Huh, im tired of them.
At the end, i don't care and follow the hurt people.
I feel bad for them too.
Because of her,that bring you along somehow.
But i like to see success in your future career.
All the best for you.
[ Please Married Ohno Satoshi Instead of her please- ]

Why do i saw this in my fg facebook?
Its a nice words . It just me black heart not accept and redha. I pray someday i will insyallah.

16 June 2018 @ 03:55 pm
Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday 😃

Semalam pegi 2 rumah saudara je. Takde pg tempat lain. Ddk rumah dan makan. Haha. 

Harini pulak, ddk rumah tgok tv je. Haha. Dari pagi, citer melayu, then citer indonesia, sekarang Hindustan. Rasa blessed pulak ddk dekat malaysia ni. Nak carik slot tuk tgok concert pon xdpt lg. hahaha. Harap dpt tgok soon. 

harap semua recipients yg dihantar kadnya dptlah. da agak da akan send lambat 😭

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23 May 2018 @ 10:25 pm
Even with so much hope and suggestion i made for myself to follow.
dame da..... Noooo goood...
why do i still feel it? and the effect reading fan ranting not even help i believe.
lol at self and crying at same time.
people dah move on kot xD

next approach is taking video from laptop.
but i believe ill download other video xD
atm still avoiding looking at certain someone xD
but remember sho dlm mmpi, rasa mcm bole plak dengan sho
baik plak dia....
tp klua je skandal, mesti masuk icu balik. xD

song is ok since its can be encouraging.
let see. harap bole lepas untuk 2 week ni.
tapi better 3 week? 4 week?
no fb. no twitter. no update. lj only.

da la bulan pose, nk pekse.
bnyk plak dugaan dalaman.
tapi da berusaha.
segalanya, tawakal.

Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....tak saba nak tggu concert !!
tggu raya pon xdpt duit raya dah xD

Oh.  Da bli kad raya kat tesco. before puasa, awal giler kali ni.
tapi problem xtau nak anto kat sape. hahahaha....
ade la certain org2 nk bg. tapi kalau da lama xtego, bole ke?

ummm.... ann-chibi ... nak kad raya tak? <<<< taktau orgnya nmpk ke tak. hahahaha....
kalau nmpk, ade reply la tu nnti... xD

17 May 2018 @ 11:02 pm
This had been bugging me, so let me just throw this here.

A new government. Which i see most of people Hope for. They want a change. 

Politics is scary, to the point i dont know what to believe. But i will hold what i believe and always believed. 

It not about the people, but what they can give as a party. 

Im supporting Dato Najib . He smile even in hard time. And he lost maybe just because to put and end to all the hatred towards him. Allah knows everything and i accept everything. I'm not trusting people i am trusting Allah. Everything happens must be a reason. 

This time they lot of disadvantage for the prev gov, you know the one who pull you down is your own friend. I talk as a whole scenario not because im good, but what i had observed. Even in the small part of my village, people want to kill each other. 

But now im glad and proud even we had lost, i see less hatred words toward him and the gov. Mocking is there, but still can  be accept by me :b theword and sentence is sometimes beyond boundaries. what i know we all muslims and it doesnt reflect that we are in from our words and sentence. Make fun in a bad way. 

New gov, we will see. Who knows rezeki bnyk lagi ke. because before tak keje kot. hahaha. I love my country to much to see it full hatred towards each other. Even different political views, we need to stay together right? :)

P/s: i still cant believe my ministry will be abg mat. xD i Wonder if i able to see him someday. while im here. :)

16 May 2018 @ 10:59 pm
For Muslim All over the world , Salam Ramadhan
Ramadhan Mubarak.
This place where i throw my feeling the most and if i ever hurt someone feeling here, i ask for forgiveness.
May Allah Ease Our journey in this Month, Give all the blessing to us, our family and friends.
Accept all our good deeds and forgive our sins. I hope in this blessed month we all will find Lailatul Qadr.
Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.