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Me and Arashi
Declaring myself Arashi fan since 2010 because I can’t remember the exact time I’m in fandom. It can also be April 2010 because i remember I start getting excited with everything about them. Around December 2009 I’m watching drama I copied from college friend- because I want be to be adult XD – that the beginning of all of this.

The start [History] * Hardly Remember T_T*

The first drama I watch was hanakimi. Best drama ever, well toma in there but the hero is oguri shun. Not fond of oguri but the story is crazy and entertaining. Watched for how much times but first time in my life watching danchou club gag. I was like :O. Of course there stand up and hanadan in the copied list. I think I watch stand up first then hanadan. But it can be also hanadan with cuts.

When I watch standup, I had no idea who the main is and I thought he is cute. Same for hanadan, domyouji is handsome, rich, arrogant but sweet prince. Im not a drama lover, so when I watch drama, I need time. I’m watching by skipping part, and there some drama I’m not interested and totally forgot and leading me not watching it. Till now, Im not fully watch hanadan movie. That movie can make me faint with the overflowing love they show XF.

But lucky by skipping part I found arashi. The last part of hanadan movie, at the wedding . Owh my heart, its vibrating like crazy. This song is sooo good! Then I begin my search. I hardly remember. Maybe it’s like:

Yahoo/Google – wiki : Hanadan /Hanadan movie song– One Love – You Tube – Yahoo/Google – wiki: Arashi

Need time doing research because I’m late just like that. There also time in youtube I’m stumble in one video and getting excited because I saw the kid from stand up. The vid isin low quality, I didn’t know from where it from and just by shadow I know its him. He was doing training or something. Huhu. Then of course I found one love song. There this kid and domyouji. The song is really really good to hear. Later, I Google/Yahoo and know about 5 member of arashi.

I’m falling in love with the song. Having a good song, it’s like a bench mark for me to love this group. Adding that time I already giving up anime, I can focus on my first and (maybe) one and only band.
My first youtube pv is one love and for 2nd which I took it as my first pv is Troublemaker. April 2010 and its on yt with hd quality! Still remember during class I leave the download and check it after class-this when first one didn’t work >< but it not because of the video but codec or something. Haa. I don’t know yt turn out like now when everything will be suspended. Very sad.

Thinking back, from the movie its Jun voice instead of ohno one one right? Haha. His unique voice catch me xD. Well because of the lyric and melody too.Even people will said, with handan you must be jun baited. I will insist that me not jun baited. I love jun as he is. But no special feeling when I first decide to love arashi. The reason is, I’m stopping anime, the song, the voice – lead voice aka satoshi ohno and the kid from stand up aka ninomiya kazunari.

Im not sure about this, but it keep playing inside my head for some years now. In 2007 ( I think cant remember exact year) I did watch Music Station on animax. Just in case if I heard familiar song from anime I watch which is rarely happen cause its Music Station and it’s a Music Show which mostly about new song (I don’t know about that before… huhuhu)So I just watch and listen random performance.It maybe a dream/flashback/delusional but I think I did stumble upon arashi and did think the performance is good. But it end like that. So yeah. Just want to put it here. I know they did performance in 2007 after I become arashian and it maybe happiness song? If someone did watch the same performance on anime, I maybe not wrong?.... it can be anything, - we can make it - performance too right?

That’s all? I hope so. Haha.

I don’t know what my reaction will be if I read this years later. XD
I wonder if/will the story change?... Ha…?
This is long isnt it???? XD

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